FAQ: How Much Time To Finish Vma Veteran?

Veteran in 45-60 minutes.

How hard is VMA eso?

vMA is balanced for 300 CP. While it is definitely possible to pass it before, it will be much harder, especially since you are still growing attribute wise up till 300 CP in addition to the strength of first CP points being much stronger than later ones.

What level should I be for veteran maelstrom arena?

On normal difficulty you can enter at ANY level and on Veteran difficulty you can enter after level 50 (champion point levels start there). The Maelstrom Arena is located at the north east corner of the Wrothgar map in the Orsinium DLC pack.

How often can you complete maelstrom arena?

@Kammakazi you can repeat it alot. I have done vet arena a couple times in a day. Just log out or wait a few minutes outside the portal (the one actually in the dlc zone not inside the arena). Or to make it go quicker just invite a friend to group after beating it then disband group.

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Is VMA harder than vVH?

On the flip side, vVH is harder because you can’t just power through it with gear. It’s designed for 2020 DPS and gear levels, and so for someone whose powerful gear allowed them to just clear vMA through brute force without mastering mechanics it will seem much harder.

Can you get maelstrom weapons on normal?

Maelstrom weapons are available by defeating the last boss of the Maelstrom Arena. Perfected Maelstrom weapons drop on Veteran difficulty while non-perfected Maelstrom weapons drop on Normal difficulty.

How do you reset the Vmas?

For anyone else that wonders how to reset vMA, a guildie helped me out with this today. Group up with a friend, set your dungeon level to normal and then vet again, then ungroup, and you can port back to Maelstrom Arena. The quest will be reset.

How do you run a VMA?

You will find your VMA by multiplying the number of kilometers run in 6 minutes by 10. For example: if you run 1.3 km in 6 minutes, your VMA is 1.3 x 10 = 13 km/h.

Is normal maelstrom Arena Easy?

It’s about as hard as a delve. A couple areas are more like public dungeons (I died several times in the poison area from the environment), but overall it was much easier than the normal dungeons I soloed to get ready for Maelstrom.

Is Veteran harder than maelstrom?

IMO maelstrom is more difficult, but the final boss in Vateshran is tough if you don’t have the dps to burn past some of her adds and mechanics.

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How long does veteran maelstrom arena take?

Normal in 30 minutes. Veteran in 45-60 minutes.

Can you do maelstrom more than once a day?

Yes, the Maelstrom quest can be completed daily. If you completed the quest, let’s say yesterday, but forgot to turn your quest in until today, it’s going to register as if you completed it today.

Can you redo maelstrom arena?

To enter the Maelstrom Arena, simply travel to Orsinium and navigate to the arena’s POI icon on the map. You can also directly travel into the Maelstrom Arena via the fast-travel network by selecting its map icon. Once inside, you’ll need to battle your way through nine arenas, all with a different theme.

How do you get to Maelstrom arena again?

You need to exit the arena and abandon the quest. Group up with a friend, set your dungeon level to normal and then vet again, then ungroup, and you can port back to Maelstrom Arena.

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