FAQ: How To Get Veteran Equipment Vermintide 2?

You can now receive Veteran items from General’s Champion and Emperor’s Champion chests, as well as any chests obtained from Legend. Their drop rates have also been drastically increased.

How do I get better equipment in Vermintide 2?

A lot of decent gear can just be found throughout the game by completing missions and opening chests, but most of the time players will have to put in some work for higher quality equipment. By crafting items themselves players can create some of the best items that the game has.

How do you get the red equipment in Vermintide 2?

The most reliable source of Red Items in Vermintide 2 are Vaults earned by completing missions on the Legend and Cataclysm difficulties. You can also get lucky with General and Emperor chest on Champion difficulty, but at a lower chance.

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Can you get veteran items from Commendation chests?

As I’ve experienced, you can find veteran items in the following chests. Commendation chests: Its rare but possible for commendation chests to contain red items, so even a simple level up can help you get a veteran item.

How do you get blue weapons in Vermintide 2?

The best way to farm them is doing legend because it offers a higher drop chance than Champion or Commendation Chests. The top two champ chests and a commendation chest have a low chance to drop them. But realistically if you want to get Veteran weapon skins (the blue ones) you want to run legend in mass.

How do you get good weapons in Vermintide 2?

It’s not hard to deduce that the best equipment is red – you can’t craft these items yourself. The only way to get them is to open the best chests (red gear can be received from Emperor-class chests available only on “Champion” and “Legend” difficulty levels). Items with a color other than red can be upgraded.

How do you get new weapons in Vermintide 2?

Acquisition of new weapons

  1. Instead of unlocking Throwing Axes by playing Dark Omens as Bardin you unlock them by entering Okri’s Lair in the Pit and picking them up from the wall (we can discuss if Bardin has to be in the group for this or not)
  2. Billhook you will find on your way climbing up the “tower” in the Pit.

Can you get red items from Champion chests?

Originally posted by Pungent: Commendation chests have a minuscule chance, General chests and Emperor chests are the only Champion-tier containers that can drop them, and then all Vaults (legend & cataclysm) can drop reds.

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Can Commendation chests drop Reds?

It is possible to get red items from commendation chests. It’s been possible since a pretty long time ago, actually. nope. You had a draw chance on them since like 1.2 or something.

How do you get veteran items in Vermintide?

Veteran item rarities have been changed. You can now receive Veteran items from General’s Champion and Emperor’s Champion chests, as well as any chests obtained from Legend. Their drop rates have also been drastically increased.

Should I open Commendation chests Vermintide 2?

The loot you receive from them is actually scaled to your current character, so when should you open chests? You should always open chests on your highest level character. Your “max power seen” across all of your characters factors into the loot you receive as well.

What do veteran items do Vermintide?

Veteran items grant perfect properties from a list that is available. Properties should not be confused with traits. Traits are specially on Exquisite (Orange) items and up that are a pool of bonus effects applied to your character and do not need rerolling unless you want a different trait.

How do you get the champion of Ubersreik?

Champion of Ubersreik Obtained by owning Warhammer: End-Times – Vermintide.

How do you get the shark head in Vermintide 2?

If you’d like to get your hands on, or your head in, the Obese Megalodon hat, you need to hop into Vermintide 2 between October 21 and 25 and complete the requisite mission. The hat will then be unlocked for all heroes. The height of monster-slaying fashion.

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How do you get skins in Vermintide 2?

How to Get Vermintide 2 Cosmetics. If you own the original Vermintide (on the same platform as you bought the sequel), then you automatically get a cosmetic item for your first character in the wardrobe.

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