Often asked: Frank Sutton Was A Military Veteran Of What Branch?

Frank Sutton
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1943–1946
Rank Sergeant
Battles/wars World War II Asiatic-Pacific Theater


Was Frank Sutton in the military?

Although he had played a Marine sergeant in “Gomer Pyle,” Mr, Sutton was actually an Army sergeant in the last war. He was made an “honorary sergeant” in the Marine Corps for his voluntary entertainment at camps, hospitals and Marine bases.

Was actor Frank Sutton a smoker?

Sutton was a sergeant who served from 1943–1946 in the 293rd Joint Assault Signal Company. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart; he had been medically rejected by the Marine Corps. Frank, a heavy smoker, would only live to be 50.

Did they use real Marines in Gomer Pyle?

“Camp Wilson” was, of course, not a real military base. The episode was filmed on the Desilu Productions lot. Behind the new recruits you can see a staircase. Those stairs, in reality, led to the office of Sheldon Leonard, the producer of The Andy Griffith Show.

Where was Frank Sutton from?


What killed Frank Sutton?

Toby Matilda (Igler) Sutton (1923-) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree.

Is Frank Sutton still living?

Forrest Compton, an Army veteran who earned his greatest fame playing Marine Lt. In real life, Compton served with the U.S. Army’s 103rd Infantry Division in France during World War II and attended Swarthmore College and the Yale School of Drama after the war.

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Did Jim neighbors and Frank Sutton get along?

Off-stage Nabors and Sutton shared a mutual respect for each other. After the show’s demise, in fact, Sutton went on to become a part of Jim’s roster of regulars on The Jim Nabors Hour (1968), a variety show that had a very short run.

Was Jim Nabors in the Marines?

The late star of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C found fame on our screens as early the 1950s, but was he ever in the military? Jim Nabors never actively served in the military. However, owing to his beloved portrayal of a comedic Marine throughout the sixties, he was made an honorary Marine in 2001.

Where did Frank Sutton go to high school?

October 23, 1923

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