Often asked: What Does Dependent Of A Veteran Mean?

For VA purposes, a dependent is a family member who relies on the veteran financially and meets certain criteria. Examples of dependents for VA purposes are: A spouse. Unmarried children (this includes step children, adopted children, and biological children) who: Are under the age of 18; or.

Can you claim a veteran as a dependent?

To qualify as a dependent parent of a veteran, the parent’s income, and net worth must be provided to the VA and show that it is not sufficient to meet basic needs. To claim a parent, the veteran must complete the VA Form 21-509 – Statement of Dependency of Parent(s).

Who qualifies as a dependent for VA disability?

For VA disability benefit purposes, a spouse, a child, or a parent in some circumstances can be considered a dependent. If you are qualified for VA disability pay with at least a 30% VA disability rating, it is possible to add dependents to your VA benefits at basically any time.

What is a dependent for VA benefits?

Who does VA consider a dependent? A dependent is: A spouse (Note: We recognize same-sex and common-law marriages) A parent, if you’re directly caring for them and their income and net worth are below a certain amount.

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Can I add my mother as a military dependent?

But there may be some good news. In the military, parents, parents-in-law or someone who has acted as your parent (the term for this is “in loco parentis”) can be made your “secondary dependent,” as can disabled adult children and minor children of whom you have custody.

Can my mom be a military dependent?

For active duty and retiree families, it is possible to have your parent declared a secondary dependent, which grants them some of the privileges of being a military dependent. You’ll have to reaffirm your parent dependency every four years.

What is considered a dependent of a veteran?

Some examples of a dependent for VA purposes include a veteran’s spouse, unmarried children, and a veteran’s parents who are financially dependent. For VA purposes, a dependent is defined as a family member who relies on the veteran financially and meets certain criteria.

What counts as a military dependent?

Military dependents are the spouse(s), children, and possibly other familial relationship categories of a sponsoring military member for purposes of pay as well as special benefits, privileges and rights. This generic category is enumerated in great detail for U.S. military members.

Can dependents of disabled veterans go to college for free?

​The College Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents benefit waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. This program does not cover the expense of books, parking or room and board.

Who is a dependent parent?

Dependant Family Members: parents, sisters, widowed sisters, widowed daughters, minor brothers and minor sister, children and step- children wholly dependent upon the Government Servant and are normally residing with the Government Servant”. Also now include, dependent divorced / separated daughters and step- mother.

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How do I make my parent a VA dependent?

To add a parent as a dependent, use VA Form 21-509, Statement of Dependency of Parents and to add a spouse from a common law marriage, submit VA Form 21-686c, Declaration of Status of Dependents.

Can a veteran claim a grandchild as a dependent?

To claim your grandchild as a dependent on your VA award, the unmarried child must be legally adopted before the age of 18 or before the age of 23, if the child is attending a VA-approved college or university.

Can I add my mom to my Tricare?

A. It’s possible for parents of Tricare sponsors to qualify as “secondary dependents” for Tricare eligibility purposes, but only under specific and narrow guidelines. They are eligible for care only in military hospitals and clinics through the program known as Tricare Plus.

How do I add a dependent parent to deers?

To register family members in DEERS, sponsors must:

  1. Complete a DD Form 1172.
  2. Provide documentation (see below)
  3. If the sponsor is unavailable, family members can update DEERS with: A DD Form 1172 signed by their sponsor within 90 days, or. A valid Power of Attorney.

Do parents get military discounts?

Do Parents Get Military Discounts? Military benefits for parents of service members are limited. They cannot be enrolled in Tricare, but if you learn how to make a parent a military dependent, they may have access to some limited Tricare Plus options.

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