Often asked: What Is Schedule A Disabled Veteran?

Schedule A – Schedule “A” authority allows agencies to hire eligible Disabled Veterans and persons with disabilities, who have a severe physical, psychological or intellectual disability to be hired without competition.

What is a disability letter Schedule A?

The Schedule A Hiring Authority for people with disabilities (Schedule A) is an exception to the traditional hiring process. You can apply using Schedule A if you are a person with an intellectual disability, a severe physical disability, or a psychiatric disability.

What is schedule a disability?

Schedule A is a special appointing authority that agencies can use to non-competitively appoint individuals, including eligible veterans, who have a severe physical, psychiatric, or intellectual disability. For more information visit www.USAJOBS.gov, Individuals with Disabilities page.

What is a VA Schedule a letter?

This letter serves as certification that (name of patient/applicant) is an individual with a severe physical, intellectual, or psychiatric disability that qualifies him/her for consideration under 5 CFR 213.3102 (u), Schedule A hiring authority, appointment for Persons with Disabilities.

Does veterans preference apply to Schedule A?

Am I still eligible for a special appointing authority? Answer: It depends on the appointing authority. For instance, the VRA and Schedule A for persons with disabilities appointing authorities do not require the veteran to be a preference eligible.

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How do you get a schedule a disability letter?

You can get this letter from your doctor, a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any federal, state, or local agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

What’s a Schedule A letter?

documentation upon request by the federal agency considering you for employment (typically referred to as a “Schedule A Letter”). The documentation must indicate that you have an intellectual disability, a severe physical disability, or a psychiatric disability.

Does anxiety qualify for Schedule A?

Depression and Anxiety as Disabilities Major depression and anxiety disorders (including agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder) almost certainly qualify as disabilities because of their effect on daily life.

How does schedule a work?

A: Schedule A gives the federal government permission to hire people with significant disabilities for jobs within the federal government without requiring them to compete against non-disabled jobseekers for those positions. Federal agencies hire Schedule A employees on a probationary basis.

Does Schedule a help you get hired?

Applying using Schedule A can be a great way to get a federal job, but it is only one of many options that may be available and you still have to compete with other eligible applicants. Federal agencies hire people using many options, so applying under Schedule A does not guarantee you a job.

What is Schedule A for federal employment?

Schedule A, 5 CFR 213.3102(u), for hiring people with severe physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. This excepted authority is used to appoint persons with severe physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and intellectual disabilities.

Is diabetes a disability under Schedule A?

The short answer is “Yes.” Under most laws, diabetes is a protected as a disability.

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How do you request a schedule a letter from the VA?

You may contact the VA directly at (800) 827-1000, voice prompt “Letters” and have a Summary of Benefits Letter faxed or mailed to you. Alternatively, you may also use the resources below to print this letter directly from the websites.

Does veterans Preference make a difference?

There are several ways veterans can be hired into the federal government. The “rule of three” in competitive service hiring required that eligible vets receive an extra 5 to 10 points. So, if a veteran and a non-veteran are equally qualified for the job, the veteran will prevail because of vets’ preference.

Do you claim veterans Preference?

You can use Veterans’ Preference when applying to permanent and temporary positions in both the competitive and excepted service (of the executive branch). However, Veterans’ Preference does not guarantee you a job. Even if you’re a veteran, you do not have to claim preference.

Does military service count towards federal leave?

Annual Leave is a term the federal government uses for “vacation time”. However military service can count toward annual leave accrual. With at least three years of military service, but less than 15 years, annual leave starts at 6 hours per pay period or 20 days of leave per year, instead of 4 hours/13 days.

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