Question: Cleveland Ohio Army Veteran Who Robbed Banks?

Nicholas Walker (born April 19, 1985) is an American author and US Army veteran who served time in prison for bank robbery.

How did Nico Walker get caught?

This was Walker, who had served honorably in Iraq as a U.S. Army medic during the height of the war and come home to struggle with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction. Then he began sticking up banks in the Cleveland area, getting caught and arrested on his 11th robbery.

Is Nico Walker still with Emily?

He’s eventually released on good behavior and finds that Emily has been waiting for him all that time. Walker wrote his semi-autobiographical novel while he was still in prison. But Walker has since been released from prison. He is now married and a successful author.

Where is Nico Walker today?

Now, Walker lives in Oxford, Mississippi, with his wife, poet Rachel Rabbit White, as he told GQ in February. He’s also continuing his writing career.

How long did Nico Walker serve in jail?

Cherry is available exclusively on Apple TV+ In real life, however, Walker did go to prison. He was arrested in April of 2011 and later plead guilty to charges related to his string of 10 bank robberies. In 2012, he was sentenced to serve 11 years in prison, which would have seen him released in 2023.

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Why did Nico Walker go to jail?

Nico Walker was in prison for bank robbery when Cherry, his first novel, became a best seller. The book is a fictionalized account of his adult life before incarceration. The short version is that he served in the Iraq War as a medic, returned to Ohio and developed an opioid addiction, and began robbing banks.

Why was Nico Walker jailed?

Nico Walker spent nine years in custody for robbing banks. When he got out, he started living with intention—and wearing beautiful suits.

What happens at the end of the book Cherry?

Eventually, the protagonist and Emily run out of money for drugs, so the protagonist resorts to robbing banks to acquire money. He executes several successful robberies. The final chapter ends with the protagonist injecting another dose of heroin into his arm.

Is Cherry a real story?

The film Cherry has been adapted from the novel Cherry by author Nico Walker. Nico Walker used his own life’s experiences to write the story of the novel Cherry, while he was in prison. So, yes, the movie Cherry is based on the real story of Nico Walker’s life.

What happens in the end of Cherry?

Cherry is sentenced to several years in prison, but he goes through rehab and manages to kick his habit for good. When he is released on parole, he is happy to see Emily there to pick him up, as she has now gotten clean as well.

How much money did Nico Walker steal?

According to first time author Nico Walker’s NYT profile, he robbed about a dozen banks and stole close to $40,000 over four months, before finally getting caught in 2011. Despite a clear link between his extreme PTSD and his robbery spree, Walker was sent to jail.

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Is Nico Walker a real person?

Cherry is loosely based on the real-life experiences of Nico Walker. Walker—who wrote the book the film is based on—drew from his background as a veteran and criminal to write his debut novel Cherry from prison.

How do I contact Nico Walker?

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Did Nico Walker get out of jail?

For his service in Iraq, Walker received seven medals and commendations. He was released from prison early, in October 2019. He lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

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