Readers ask: Why Are Us Merchant Marines Not Afforded Veteran Status?

While in service, Merchant Mariners held rank, wore uniforms, saluted, and served under military justice. But, they got paid union wages, could choose the ships the sailed, and could quit any time they wanted. Because of this, Merchant Mariners of WWII were denied veteran’s status until 1988.

Are U.S. Merchant Marines considered veterans?

Although merchant mariners have supported the Armed Forces in every war fought by the United States, they generally are not considered veterans for the purpose of eligibility for federal benefits.

Does Merchant Marine get VA benefits?

Certain Merchant Marine seamen who served in World War II may qualify for Veterans benefits. When applying for medical care, Merchant Marine seamen must present their discharge certificate from the Department of Defense. Call 1-800-827-1000 for help obtaining a certificate.

Are the merchant mariners of ww2 considered veterans?

It was not until four decades later – 1988 to be exact – that U.S. Merchant Mariners of WWII finally achieved Veteran status. An individual who was 18 years of age in 1945 at the end of WWII would have been 61 in 1988.

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Can Merchant Marines join VFW?

Since the U.S. Merchant Marine isn’t an armed service and its members did not receive “recognized medals” from the Defense Department, membership is impossible unless Congress, with the VFW’s recommendation, changes the charter to “relax the eligibility criteria,” the letter says.

Do Merchant Marines get a DD214?

Application for Merchant Marine Veteran Status DD214 Check with the Veterans Administration for medical and other benefits. Mariner or survivor should complete the following steps and mail to the proper address: Complete Form DD2168. Supply as much information as possible.

Are merchant marines federal employees?

The United States Merchant Marine refers to either United States civilian mariners, or to U.S. civilian and federally owned merchant vessels. In 2004, the federal government employed approximately 5% of all American water transportation workers.

What benefits do Marine veterans get?

Marine veterans are eligible for many different types of VA benefits, including disability compensation, health care, pensions, and burial. Disability benefits are paid to Marines who were injured or became ill during active military service.

Can merchant Marines join USAA?

Who is eligible for USAA membership? Active duty and retired service members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) or in the Selected Reserve or National Guard; or those honorably separated in 1996 or later from active duty, Selected Reserve or National Guard.

Is Merchant Navy a military?

To sum it all Merchant navy is a purely commercial form of sea career and is governed by both private and governmental shipping companies. Defence Navy, on the other hand, refers to nations’ maritime military wing. Both merchant navy and defence have deals with ships.

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What were merchant marines in ww2?

Merchant mariners or merchant seamen are assigned to vessels that primarily transport cargo and passengers during peacetime. During wartime, however, they can become an auxiliary to the United States Navy—called upon to deliver military personnel and materiel for the military.

What is the difference between Marines and Merchant Marines?

Though the Coast Guard manages certification and training, mariners are civilians. The merchant marines are not a part of the military. Some of them work on ships that support the U.S. Navy, but aren’t active members of the military.

Can a merchant marine join the American Legion?

Membership in the American Legion – Page 1. an American Legion Member of American Legion Post 119 in Gulfport Mississippi. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine of the United States. This means that all Military Personnel now on Active Duty are eligible for Membership in the Legion.

Who is eligible to join VFW?

You must be a veteran who has honorably served overseas in an area of foreign conflict in order to join the VFW. However, if you are not eligible for VFW membership but are the parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, child or grandchild of a qualifying veteran, you can apply for membership in the VFW Auxiliary.

Who is eligible to join the VFW Auxiliary?

VFW Auxiliary Members are… Members must be citizens of the United States and at least 16 years old. Men/Women who are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall be eligible only for membership in the VFW. Dual members are not allowed.

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Can merchant mariners be drafted?

Merchant mariners were subject to the draft if they took more than 30 days shore leave. Experienced mariners who had been drafted were released by the Army to serve in the Merchant Marine. Harold Harper “dodged” the draft by being torpedoed 6 times.

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