What Happens To Veteran Units When You Disband Them Total War Warhammer?

A unit that has been disbanded is permanently destroyed and removed from the game with no options to get it back.

How do you disband an army in Warhammer Total War?

go to the army, click on unit then press ctrl+ A, disband.

How do you disband in Warhammer Total War 2?

Go to the Lord’s details. In the bottom right there will be a “replace Lord” button. The disband button is greyed out for immortal lords, which all Tomb Kings are by default. This means that you cannot disband a Tomb Kings army.

How do you disband armies in Troy Total War?

To disband units in Total War Saga Troy, select the troops from the list of available units (by holding down Control and clicking LMB you can easily select several units) and press the small “Disband” shown above the highlighted units.

How do you disband units in three kingdoms?

And so for the entire army, click the left unit, shift click the furthest right unit. Then disband.

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